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The DCFC Pre Soccer School is first and foremost a child development program. This introductory program is designed for U4, U5, U6 players eager to make their first steps as young footballers.  Above all, our main goal is to help children mature and develop a passion and love for the game. Our program is constructed to help build a strong physical, intellectual and emotional skill set that will help young children become more confident and successful on and off the field.  Each week, players will be introduced to basic age appropriate technical skill training through a game format. It's important to create an atmosphere that is both effective and fun. 


Our DCFC Pre-School is for players U4-U6 (2017-2015) who are ready to advance their technical skills.

The 10 session Winter Pre-School term will be Sunday January 23rd - Sunday April 10th, 2022 from 10:00am - 11:00am at Toronto Soccerplex in North York.

You're always welcome to register part-way through the term. There are always spots available for new players in Pre-School!

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**Please note that this is not an official registration, but to gather your interest in our programming. Our Administrator, Heather, will reach out to you shortly with further details to officially register




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Training focused on balance and coordination.

Social, emotional and cognitive skills exercises, nearly always with the ball.

1 trainings per week (10 sessions per term).

55 minute high energy training session

Certified, experienced and enthusiastic coaches (Training the DCFC way!)

Each player receives a full DCFC Team training kit: Adidas socks, shorts & jersey (additional mandatory purchase for new players).


  • Share our Passion and Introduce young players to football
  • Teach the game in a positive and instructive way
  • Make players fall in love with the ball
  • To teach the first basic steps of technique & coordination within a fun, structured environment
  • Introduce game rules, guidelines and discipline while encouraging creativity and self expression
  • Create a fun atmosphere where children can be playful, socialize and learn about healthy competition

What Is Physical Literacy?

At the ages 4-7, it is crucial for your children to start regular exercise in a positive environment. Physical literacy has three components that predict lifelong physical activity: ability, confidence and desire (Aspen Institute 2015). Those who have all three stay active longer.

The goal within the DCFC Soccer 'Pre' School is improving young people’s physical literacy, and instilling the desire to play sport and exercise. 


Physical literacy requires fundamental movement skills—such as running, jumping, skipping, throwing, hopping and swimming—that young people typically develop during unstructured play. Consequently, children who lack the opportunity to build these skills become less interested in games, sports and free play as they mature.  We offer a variety of exercises that teach fundamental movement skills across the spectrum and geared toward multiple sports. 


Confidence develops from early positive experiences with physical play and inclusive sports that welcome children of all abilities. When youngsters enter a hyper competitive sporting environment before they are ready, many experience failures that turn them off to sports altogether.


An interest in (and enjoyment of) physical activity and movement fuel a desire to stay active. Desire develops from early positive and enjoyable experiences with play and sports. When surveyed, 9 out of 10 children said “fun” was the most important reason they played a sport. They reported that the most fun experiences were trying their best, being treated respectfully by the coach, getting playing time, playing well as a team, getting along with teammates, exercising and being active. (Aspen Institute, 2015).


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